Monday, April 07, 2008

Someone tell me

Someone tell me how one family can accumulate so much crap. I spent the entire day cleaning out the garage. We took it all out....and then we put it all back in. It's neater but the crap is still here! It looks like the storage building ad on tv, my car is barely in there and you can only open the car doors on one side. I want that Peter Walsh guy to come and guilt me into throwing stuff away. I still have boxes of my grandmother's stuff and she has been gone for years. I don't want he stuff but I can't throw it away. Why you ask? Well who the hell knows, maybe she will call and want it back????? I also have tons of boxes of the kid's stuff that I am going to scrapbook. Someday. When I have time????? Anyway, the point was to move some stuff to the new 12x26 storage building that has been sitting empty for a freakin month except for the shovel, a hoe and a screwdriver???????? And it is still empty. CRAP.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Skylar & I took off 2 days during spring break and stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool then went to 6 flags. Kevin heard the hotel had a hot tub and showed up for some swim time. He had PT on the 6 flags day so he came back home & left us girls alone in the city.

Here's a picture of me & Katelyn from the all star banquet last month. Everyone knows our life revolves around cheering, at school and on the competition floor. Can you believe how beautiful she is?