Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Skylar is 4 eyed

The little girl's teacher stopped me the other day & told me she thought she was having trouble seeing the board & had requested the nurse check her vision. I told her don't bother the girl is destined to be blind. Sure enough, she is on the same road as her brother & sister. Let me just make it clear, they didn't get that from me, I see fine...as long as I have my contacts in!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


After reading the post below, Kevin says I shouldn't say "dump them off" so replace that with "safely deliver them to a higher level of care."

I got a nice surprise!

It's a fruit basket! The biggest, prettiest fruit basket I have ever seen. Kevin called tonight to tell me because dispatch was making him go to the Terrell South station to pick up a fruit basket that a patient left me & Jason Starnes. I told him nevermind I would go get it, called dispatch & drove over. I was looking forward to getting the note. I didn't think much of the basket, thinking it was just a token little thank you. I was just excited to hear from this patient because I sincerely thought he would be deceased. Since they passed the HIPPA Law several years ago & patient privacy became a big deal, we are unable to call & check on patients after we leave them at the hospital. I always did that in the past & I really wonder about some of them after we dump them off. Anyway, I got there & look at this basket! It is massive. And the note, well, let me tell you, we made a difference.

I don't know how Jason feels but this sweet note will hold me a long, long time through lots of "I have had a fever all day but haven't taken any tylenol" or "I want you to take me to the hospital because you can get me seen faster" calls.

Anyway, we rarely hear anything from our patients after we leave them, it's nice to know we made a difference for this family.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

catching up

I was going to write several posts to catch up but crap, I am so behind I don't think I will ever catch up. So how about some highlights?

After the big slumber party, we had a cheer competition. Cody went with me to watch K8 and as you can see, he had a marvelous time....as did Bekah's dad...

We had a wonderful Christmas at home just the us and the kids. Santa, thanks to my wonderful direction, got us a WII. Skylar woke us up with the chickens and after the big unwrap she and Cody played WII for about 4 hours while K8 and I watched intently.>
After Cody's turn, Katelyn had several hours, then Kevin, then JJ. All in all, I think Skylar had about 12 hours of good times on the Wii. Unfortunately for her, she was completely unable to move her right arm the next day. She did recover and just so you you won't nag me about my parenting skills or lack there of,
Wii time is monitored in smaller increments now. We completed the holiday with a traditional Christmas the following weekend with my in-laws, a relaxing News Years at home and a great long weekend at my sister's house in Edna. Everyone is back to school and work and the routine is back. Thanks for hanging with us and I promise to jot down our crazy times more often and keep all involved.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm wayyyy behind so I will start here....

Yes, we are still alive here in the Walukas house. November and December have flown by except for one night, December 13th. The longest night in history! We had a pajama slumber party for Skylar's 8th birthday. We had a pretty decent showing, can you guess how many? Let me just tell you we were wall to wall girls. We cleaned the garage, Kevin decorated just a bit with some 20 strands of rope lights, balloons, streamers and a disco ball. We put a heater, some tables, and a dance area, it looked like an 8 year old's disco/party room. They ate, they ran crazy and all my ideas were over by 9. Thank God, Katelyn's friends showed up for the cake and ice cream with PARTY MAN HIMSELF, MR. JOSH HANKINS! Yes, that is a look of fear on his face but, he made a quick comeback and bless this guy, he was the hit of the party! He hosted a dance contest and sing off. Everyone had a great time and most importantly, he wore their little butts out! As you can see in the first photo with most of the furniture gone, they just barely fit on the floor with all their sleeping bags. Saturday morning we woke up way early and shuttled over to the school for the Breakfast with Santa extravaganza sponsored by the PTO. The girls ate donuts, made tons of crafts and sat for this priceless picture with Santa himself! A great time was had by all. And yes, you counted correctly but let me spell it out for you, S E V E N T E E N, that's 17 beautiful little girls!!!!!!!